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Travis Hanna’s Recovery - GoFundMe

By AMHA , 08/10/20, 9:30AM MDT


Former AMHA Coach needs our support. On August 6th, Travis was hit head on in a crash near Sundre and suffers life-threatening injuries.

Kristine Hanna Roberts - On August 6th my brother Travis was involved in a head-on collision near Sundre, Alberta. He is in a coma at the ICU in Foothills Hospital. Doctors are providing supportive measures while waiting for him to stabilize. Travis has had one surgery to repair his broken femur and kneecap and it is unclear at this time what other surgeries lie ahead. He has multiple injuries including femur, shoulder, clavical on both sides, cheekbones, multiple broken ribs, one lung was collapsed and punctured and the other lung was partially compromised, vertebrae 1 in his neck is cracked and he has primary brain trauma (Doctors are working very hard to keep secondary trauma at bay). We are currently praying for his recovery, but he has a very long road to get there.

This accident will leave Travis without means to provide for his family until he is recovered. We are being told that this is definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and our patience will be most important. Travis has a little girl who is 8 and a stepson who is 15. His kiddos need their Dad to get better and this will allow our family to spend time with Travis to help with his uphill battle to recovery.

Please visit the Travis Hanna's Recovery GoFundMe page to donate.