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Communication to AMHA membership - Regions and Cohorts

By AMHA , 08/07/20, 7:30PM MDT


I wanted to provide a brief update regarding the 2020-2021 season.​

Thank you AMHA Members for having faith in and loyalty to both Airdrie and Minor Hockey.  

I wanted to provide a brief update regarding the 2020-2021 season.​  ​AMHA E​xecutive ​Committee (EC)​ and ​the ​Board of Directors are working ​hard ​with H​ockey ​​Alberta​ (HA), ​Alberta Health Services (​AHS​)​ and the City of Airdrie to bring hockey to our athletes this season, that abide​s​ by all of the AHS, HA and City guidelines.  Our Athletes and their family’s health and safety are of utmost importance.​  We want to caution our members to be wary of private hockey groups that are making promises of game play or tournaments against other teams in different geographical regions during the current Stage 2 ​restrictions.  

During Stage 2 Alberta Health Services says "activities should be restricted to local opportunities. This means neighbourhood, town or municipality. Participants should not see​k​ sport, physical activity and recreation opportunities in other regions, or out of province.  Cross jurisdictional, or inter-regional, play should not occur at this stage.​" 

According to Hockey Alberta a region is defined as "within a county, town or quadrant of a city.  Activities should be restricted to local regional opportunities.​"​  

and further;

- AAA Hockey - Draw Zone Area

- AA Hockey - Recruitment Area

- Tiered Hockey - MHA Boundary

​As well as travel restrictions, participation in sports where physical distancing can not be maintained must be grouped into Cohorts. A cohort is a closed, small group of no more than 50 individuals who participate in the same sport or activity and remain together for the duration of Stage 2. An individual is only to be part of one Sport Cohort at any time. If an individual wishes to move to a new sport cohort, they are to complete a 14 day non-participation period prior to joining the new cohort. 

​The EC and Board of Directors are developing several scenarios to ensure that we can bring hockey to our athletes​ within all the set guidelines.  We are planning to run our evaluations and conditioning camps using social distancing so that players released do not have to quarantine in between levels, so that we are abiding by the AHS guidelines.  We will share more information soon. 

We have​ developed a google form to accommodate the AHS Screening Checklist that needs to be completed by every athlete prior to participation in every event. AMHA will be in a position to transition from one scenario to the next as the guidelines change.  When the Regular Season starts, please note registration will not be reopening.

We look forward to playing hockey with you!