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By AMHA, 06/03/20, 8:45PM MDT


Highlights for the upcoming hockey season registration

We want to remind you that the 2020-21 Hockey Registration will open on June 1st at noon. You will have until July 31st to register your player without a late charge and possible wait list. 

We have set up registration so that you will only be committed to paying an initial $75 deposit and any applicable conditioning camps at the time of registration. All Existing Members, New Members and Draw Zone members can register on June 1st. In the event of a wait list situation, preference will be given to existing members who registered before the August 1st deadline, with the exception for AA and AAA teams.

Important to note!! This year we will only be charging the City League base fee per division initially. Then, once a player makes a competitive or higher team the additional registration fees will be collected. Be aware that when you register you will only see the City league base fee listed, unless you are registering for AA or AAA then the Tryout Fee will also be added to the base fee on the registration review page.

We have been forging on with planning under the assumption that hockey will begin as normal in mid August. If this should change we will update our members and do our best to adjust registration payments to later dates.

Please take some time before you register to look over our Player Registration Page on our Website under the Registration tab, as well as our Division Policies under the Information Tab - Bylaws and Policies. You can find valuable information about programming and fees in both of these places. If you still have registration questions please feel free to phone or email any one of the office staff members at (403) 912-2680.

If you plan to be a Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager, please make sure to register in our Coach or Manager registration after you complete your Player registration. This is a simple registration and will only take a few minutes to complete, but is necessary so that you can be contacted for these positions before the season starts.

Registration Highlights:

● U7 Initiation, U9 Novice and U11 Atom Pre-Season Prep Skates (previously called conditioning camps) are now included in the registration fee. Please be aware that some of these prep skates are scheduled for mid to late August and may be during the daytime. More detailed information will be sent out or posted on our website closer to the date.

● AMHA Prep Skates:

○ will be in the last two weeks of August.

○ The fee for 4 - 45 minutes sessions for U7 Initiation, U9 Novice and U11 Atom prep skates are included in the registration fee.

○ The U13 PeeWee to U18 Midget Prep skates are $100 to $150 and are invoiced separately at the time of registration. U13 PeeWee to U18 Midget Prep Skates or AA Conditioning Camps will be 4 to 5 - 1 hour sessions.

○ Goalies may sign up for Prep Skates, but please note that there will not be goalie specific trainers at the prep skates. AMHA does offer a Goalie Camp option of 4 - 1 hour sessions.

○ AA and AAA Conditioning camps are run by the team coaches so it is recommended that if you are trying out for those teams, players and goalies should attend the Conditioning Camps.

○ In order to place as many players as possible into Prep Camps, Female players may be placed into the all female groups.

○ There are no refunds for Prep or Conditioning Camps.

● Recreation Hockey has moved from Fridays to Sundays. AMHA was awarded a grant for the Recreation program and will be adding some fun items to the program for the upcoming season.

● U11 Atom Tier 1 and U13 PeeWee Tier 1 teams will have sole ice one hour practices this season so the registration fees are higher to reflect the extra ice time.

● AMHA will have only one U13 PeeWee AA team this season.

● All AA teams will have additional weekly practices. The fees for these additional ice times are reflected in registration fees.

● AMHA and Cochrane Minor Hockey will be joint hosts for the new U16 Midget AA 15 SCAHL team. The draw zone for his team will be Airdrie, Cochrane, Banff, Beiseker, Canmore, Carstairs, Cremona, Crossfield and Didsbury. The tryouts and conditioning camp will be done together with the U16 Midget AAA AC Avalanche. Players will pay only one tryout fee and conditioning camp for both.

● AMHA also plans to enter an all 15 year old U16 Midget team into CAHL, pending registration numbers.

● U15 Bantam CAHL Non-Checking/Body Contact: ○ You may have seen the Hockey Alberta (HA) Communication regarding the new U15 Bantam Non-Checking/Body Contact regulation, we have posted on our website and social media. The new regulation states that Body Contact will only be for Tiers 1, 2 and 3. Please see the information below with our plan for this new HA directive. ○ AMHA plans to continue to enter 4 teams in the Central Alberta Hockey League, 3 teams will enter into Body Contact and 1 team will enter into Non-Checking. It should be noted that CAHL has advised us that once we declare our 3 teams in Body Contact those 3 teams will stay in Body Contact, regardless of their performance in the tiering round. CAHL will make sub-tiers if there are teams of lower skill. Additionally the team we declare in Tier 4 Non Checking will stay in Non Checking regardless of their performance in Tiering round. Again CAHL will make sub-tiers, if necessary. ** This guestamate of our number of teams will be dependent on whether or not we have enough registered, competitive players to fill this many CAHL teams. We will have more concrete information after the August 1 Registration Deadline. **

○ Although we have Non Checking teams in Rockies Hockey League (RHL), we see the value of putting a 4th team into the CAHL Non-checking league for the following reasons:

1. There will be Provincials for U15 Bantam Tier 4, should our team remain as a Tier 4 and become the Zone 6 winner.

2. First year players who make the 4th U15 bantam team will have the experience of playing in CAHL and possibly moving up to a Body Contact team in their 2nd U15 Bantam season, if desired.

3. The 4th U15 Bantam team will have the same 2 practices per week as the Body contact teams in order to ensure the players have the tools to move to the next level.

4. Keeping the 4th team allows for more players to play on a CAHL team if they wish.

5. Players who have in the past registered for RHL because they do not wish to play Body Contact, now have an additional option to choose for their hockey experience.

○ We are currently working out the dynamics of how evaluations for U15 will be carried out for these teams and will update our members once final decisions are made.

○ If you would like your player to be considered for a Bantam CAHL Body Contact team tier 1,2,3 or the Bantam CAHL Non Checking Tier 4 team, then you will need to register for Bantam Competitive.

○ When you register your player, please pay close attention to questions regarding body contact and non checking options.

If you have questions regarding the new Hockey Alberta Regulations and AMHA plans please feel free to call the office or one of your Bantam Coordinators.