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Annual General Meeting

2019 Annual General Meeting

AMHA Annual General Meeting
What: Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
When: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 6:30 PM
Where: Overtime Lounge
Who: Meeting is open to all members in good standing with the Airdrie Minor Hockey Association. Each member – in good standing -  in attendance gets 1 vote (1 vote per family regardless of the number of children in the program).
Why: Ordinary business including:
  • Adopting the agenda;
  • Adopting the minutes of the previous AGM;
  • Considering and adopting the President’s report;
  • Considering and adopting Officers’ and Directors’ reports;
  • Reviewing the financial statements and auditor’s report;
  • Reviewing and adopting by-law changes
  • Reviewing and accepting the Special Resolutions
  • Question Period
  • Electing new Board Members
AGM Question Period
AMHA members are asked to submit any questions, comments and/or concerns to here.  These questions will be addressed at the end of the AGM by the Executive Committee.  Questions outside of those submitted will not be accepted. 

Election of Board Members

All nominations put forward will be presented at the AGM allowing members to vote on the position. Nominations outside of those submitted will not be accepted.